My Criminology Resume


Institute of High Studies in Criminology, Paris
Active member of ASC (American Society of Criminology)

Certificate of Professional Training in Criminology - Jan-Dec 2011
(possible equivalence with Master Degree)
Major 1: Tactical Crime Analysis
-          Criminal behaviors
-          Phases of crime analysis
-          Geocriminality
-          Predictive criminality
-          Specific analysis

Major 2: Criminal Behavior Analysis
-          Criminal profiling in practice
-          Specific profiling
Final Report: “Profile of the Zodiac Killer”

Certificate of Professional Training in Criminology - Jan-Dec 2010
Major: Criminal Psychology
-          Diagnosis
-          Crimes against property
-          Crimes against people
-          Homicides
-          Domestic violence
-          Victimology
Final Report: “Criminal Cannibalism and Psychological Perspective”

Certificate of Expert High Studies in Criminology - Jan-Dec 2009
Major: Forensic Sciences
-          Criminalistics
-          Criminal Investigation
-          Medical Examination
-          Toxicology
-          Medical Examination
Final Report: “Forensic Toxicology and Criminal Poisoning”

Certificate of Practical High Studies in Criminology - Jan-Dec 2009
-          Forensic Sciences
-          Criminal Psychology
-          Victimology
-          Behavior Analysis
Internship: Youth Outreach, Hong Kong (for details refer to Employment History)

Certificate of High Studies in Criminology
-          Forensic Sciences
-          Criminal Psychology
-          Behavior Analysis
-          Victimology
Final Report: “Crimino-Psychology of an Atypical Serial Killer”

Employment History

Youth Outreach, Hong Kong
-          Observation Internship to discover and be more familiar with integration of youngsters in society, especially the youngsters who are on probation.
-          Did some individual and group exercises with the youngsters in probation focusing on self esteem issues.

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