Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jeffrey Dahmer: Introduction

On May 21st, 1960 at 4:34 pm in a Milwaukee hospital, when Lionel and Joyce Dahmer looked for the first time at their son Jeffrey, they were far from suspecting that he would one day be one of the most mediatized persons in history in his category: serial killer.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, also nicknamed "the Cannibal" or « the Monster of Milwaukee », spent most of his life battling his morbid fantasies. But at the end, it is those impulses that will win, guiding him on a path of cold blood killings in order to satisfy his own sexual needs.

17 young men aged 14 to 17 were killed in this rampage. But the horror only got discovered when Tracy Edwards, another young man Jeffrey Dahmer brought to his apartment, succeeded to run away on July, 22nd 1991. It is then that America and the whole world heard for the first time the shocking story: human remains, men skeletons, a heart, human skin, a blue barrel (used to make the bodies disappear by dissolving them in acid), pictures taken at various stages of dismemberment… the list of parts of human bodies recovered at 213, Oxford Apartments revealed a morbid story. Even 20 years later, many people still try to understand how it came to that.

Apparently full of remorse, Jeffrey Dahmer would help the police to identify the victims, would accept being interviewed by psychiatrists. FBI profilers, by any person who would be able to answer a question he asked himself: why?

Many years before Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes, the FBI developed techniques to create profiles on the psychology and character of serial killers. But Jeffrey Dahmer was nothing like the serial killers the FBI had encountered until then. Through a detailed analysis of statistics of serial killers, they noticed that many serial killers had similar backgrounds: coming from economically and socially unstable families, childhood abuse, the Mc Donald Triad (fascination for fire, late bed wetting and cruelty against animals). Neither of these elements defines Jeffrey Dahmer: he was raised in a comfortable environment (his parents had good and stable jobs, and never abused any of their children), he was never interested with fire or cruelty towards animals (even though he liked dismembering animals, he used only road kills that were already dead), and didn't have any bed wetting problems. It is thus important to understand how Jeffrey Dahmer went from being a smiling and playful child to a introvert teenager fascinated by dismemberment, to finally become a serial killer with a very elaborate fantasy.

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  1. After Dahmer's conviction he and his father were interviewed. His father was supposedly functioning autistic and Jeffrey Dahmer was also autistic.
    Regarding Adam Lazra: All the symptoms that afflicted Adam are signs of autism that might be exacerbated by the hormonal shifts of adolescence. When Adam was thirteen, Peter and Nancy took him to Paul J. Fox, a psychiatrist, who gave a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome (a category that the American Psychiatric Association has since subsumed into the broader diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder). Peter and Nancy finally knew what they were up against. “It was communicated as ‘Adam, this is good news. This is why you feel this way, and now we can do something about it,’ ” Peter recalled. But Adam would not accept the diagnosis.
    Kip School Shooter In Oregon was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. So what about the link to the MacDonald Triad we still see in the writings by those especially sympathetic to "abused" animals.