Sunday, April 14, 2013

Southeast Asia's Serial Killers (part four): Bekuni aka "Babeh" in Indonesia

Baekuni was a street vendor who pushed his cart through the streets of Jakarta selling snacks, drinks and cigarettes. The 48 year old man had a special relationship with the street kids, who called him "Babe" (pronounced bar-bay), an affectionate name for "dad". His killings evolved in three stages:
- first, he would give shelter to homeless kids, without molesting them
- then he would lure them to his home, sodomize and strangle them, or strangle them first and then sodomize them, then dump their bodies
- later he would start decapitate and mutilate them

He got caught after changing his victimology, and attacked his neighbor, the 9 year old Ardiansyah. The boy's mother knew her son had been spending time at his house in the months preceding the boy's disappearance. Baekuni was arrested days after the severed head and several body parts of the boy were found in a plastic bag in the nearby river.

In police custody, he confessed to murdering 14 boys aged 6 to 12.

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